Wall Street Lower Manhattan Financial District New York

The New York Stock Exchange & Trump Tower Skyscraper on Wall St.

Wall Street is located in lower Manhattan. The very name of the area actually evokes images of wealth and ambition and more recently a struggle to stay on top in the high flying financial world. The Street was named after an actual wall that Dutch settlers put up when they purchased the land from Native Americans. After the Revolutionary War, traders would actually gather in the area, forming the roots of the New York Stock Exchange. There are a lot of notable buildings on Wall Street, most of them having been constructed during the 19th and 20th Centuries, when it was considered a necessity to live near the Stock Exchange if you had some sort of business to conduct there. These notable buildings include the actual New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Hall and the Trump Tower at 40 Wall Street.

New Yorks Financial District Wall Street Skyline Boasts Many Skyscrapers & Impressive Buildings

Wall Street New York Stock Exchange

40 Wall Street The Trump Building one of the Tallest Skyscrapers

The Trump Building is located at 40 Wall Street. However, it was not always just known as the Trump Building, it was actually once, quite briefly, the tallest building in the world. The story is that the building was once in a race to be built against the iconic Chrysler building in order to become the tallest skyscraper in the world. Although it was completed in just 93 days and became the world’s tallest building, it quickly lost the crown when the designer of the Chrysler building unveiled plans to add a needle-like spire to the top. Despite this, the building today remains one of the most beautiful buildings on Wall Street and its crown and spire are easy to spot amongst the New York city-scape, marking the Financial District’s Skyline. The building has passed through the hands of many owners over the years, but is today owned by Donald Trump, who has spent millions of Dollars renovating it.

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