The New York Shopping Experience

Get the Most Bang for your Shopping Buck!

New York City may not be the shopping capital of the world, but you can be pretty sure that a city holding over 27,000 people per square mile would offer a very rich experience to the shopaholic. If you are looking to go shopping in New York City, then here are some things you should know:

1) Not everything is in a mall – When you go shopping in New York, you need to get out of the mall and start looking around shops. Many people tend to stick to the mainstream shops and ignore the small stores that define New York City. What people don’t know is that these stores can provide them with both bargains and adventure. You’ll have a lot more variety and a lot more fun when exploring the hundreds of stores in New York. Another advantage is that specialty shops tend to charge a bit less for various items than stalls in malls do.

New York Shopping Mall's aren't the only Place to Shop!

Shopping Mall in New York City

There are also the occasional sidewalk vendors that hawk their goods in front of stoops and doorsteps. When you take a look around these set-ups, you'll come across the occasional quirky yet interesting item that you might be able to purchase for just a couple of bucks.

2) Know your New York districts – If you're looking to shop for something specific like clothes, jewelry or gadgets, then you should know that the New York shopping scene is divided into various districts. Before you go out and shop, you need to learn about these districts so that you’ll have an easier time finding the specific item you want.

What's great about shopping within a district is that you actually tend to get less expensive merchandise. This is because the individual shops in the district have to compete with one another, as opposed to monopolizing the sale of a specific merchandise item in an area. For an experience that offers a peek at shopping in the busy streets of China's Shanghai New Yorks Chinatown provides authentic Chinese stores and goods for you to purchase. Knowing your districts will also save you a lot in taxi fare, should you choose this mode of transportation.

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3) Wear comfortable footwear – When shopping in New York City, you'll most likely be on your feet for a long time. Because of this, you need to make sure that you wear comfortable footwear. Consider function before fashion when going out to shop. This means you should avoid high heels and heavy shoes. Wear sneakers or walking shoes if you can. You should also think about using flip-flops or sandals as these can give your feet the best comfort possible. Of course, you need to match your footwear with the weather.

4) Time your shopping trip – When you go shopping in New York City, one crucial piece of advice is to time your venture to the store. This is because the time you go into any shop affects your experience significantly. There are certain items that you can purchase only seasonally. There are some clothes that come cheaper in the right time of the year. Make sure that you keep in mind your objective in going out to shop.
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