San Francisco in California Tourist Attractions

Visit Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz

Hugging the west coast, San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities of the United States. Some great spots to visit in San Francisco are Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square and Pier 39. These tourist spots offer a thrilling view of the Alcatraz. Over at Ghirardelli square, one thing you should definitely enjoy is the cable cars, also called the Living Monuments of San Francisco. If you’ve enjoyed the Cable Cars, you will definitely enjoy the Cable Cars Museum over at Mason Street. There is no admission charge and you can take some great photos in the Vintage Cable Cars held up for display. If you’re like me and admire cost-effective stuff, Chinatown in San Francisco is a place you must definitely visit.

The Golden Gate Bridge across the Golden Gate stretch of water

The Golden Gate bridge spans from north San Francisco across the Golden Gate area of sea that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean over to Marin County. The Golden Gate bridge used to be the longest spanning suspension type bridge in the world seventy years ago. Now there are other bridges that reach further than the Golden Gate but it still remains the second longest suspension bridge erected in the United States.

Golden Gate Park and National Recreation Area

Near the Golden Gate bridge you can find Golden Gate Park which occupies an area of land from the coast to the middle of the city. At one time the Golden Gate Park was just sand hills and grassy land, now the park has been turned into a tourist attraction. Different species of plants and trees have been planted in the park and tourists can visit the Japanese Tea Gardens, Flower Conservatory and the salt marshes in the Golden Gate national recreation area. The National Recreation Area includes land around the San Francisco Bay area, including Alcatraz as well as other local areas of beautiful natural land.

Alcatraz has now become part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is open for tours to the public. But Alcatraz also known as ‘The Rock’ was a working prison until during the nineteen sixties when it closed its gates to prisoners. Ferry tours from pier 33 now take visitors from the San Francisco Bay area near Fishermans Wharf to the island for the tour of Alcatraz prison. The Rock was originally a lighthouse to service the Bay, then went on to become a military establishment and prison before becoming a federal jail. The icy cold waters of San Francisco Bay surrounding Alcatraz worked as a deterrent for any incarcerated criminals attempting escape from The Rock. So its well worth flying to California for a visit to the attractions in San Fracisco and surrounding areas.

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