Cathedral of Saint John The Divine in New York

Visit the historic Cathedral said to be Largest in the World

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at West 112th Street. This grand cathedral was actually built in response to the completion of the Catholic Church’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is actually an Episcopalian church, the cornerstone of which was laid down in 1892, but which is yet to be completed. The fact that it still isn’t finished after two centuries of building is part of the appeal of visiting this cathedral.

Cathedral St. John The Divine

Church Cathedral large 13 acre site on top of Morningside Heights

Saint John The Divine Church Cathedral is also considered to be the largest cathedral in the world, although it is just two-thirds complete. Construction was delayed by a variety of causes, including World War II. However, there are today no plans for further construction, as experts estimate finishing the Church would cost 100 million dollars and would take another 100 years.

Further details on St. John the divine's Church Cathedral can be found here :

The Church can be contacted on : 212-316-7490.

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