New York City Visitors Guide to the Sights & Accomodation

Holiday in New York - Make it a Vacation to Remember!

Four words to sum up this amazing city: "I love New York!"
That is what you will definitely feel and say in your heart after you set foot on the tarmac at the airport, and see the skyline of New York for the first time. With a population of over eight million, thousands of looming skyscrapers and bright lights blinking all around, it can be overwhelming to first view the magnificent city that is New York.
Although some have depicted New York as a huge, dangerous city with skyrocketing crime rates, officials assert that New York is a safe and secure place to visit. Since the 1960's, crime rates have reached a record low in the metropolis. For first-time travellers, we offer a basic guide and some tips for an inexpensive, memorable, and safe visit to New York.

Places to stay during your New York visit
Even if you have no friends in New York with whom you can "crash" for a day or two, its not a problem, because there is an array of choice when it comes to hotels and quality accomodation in New York. Most New York hotels are situated in Manhattan, and if you're here on a business trip, staying near Wall Street may be preferable. Book your hotel in New York online and you will find the very best prices are available for the full range of hotels that this great city has to offer travellers. From a leisure perspective, Greenwich and Chelsea are good places to consider if you're seeking something offbeat and fun. No matter where you stay in New York, remember travelling around New York City can be as simple as hailing a yellow cab or using the extensive New York subway network.

The City offers a massive selection of Restaurants and Diners.
The fusion of food is one of the most interesting things New York has to offer. Here you will find just about anything from just about anywhere in the world. Are you craving for pesto? An Italian restaurant is just a corner away. Care for some traditional yang chow rice and beef stew? There are tons of Chinese food shops that deliver door-to-door throughout the City. Ranging from smart and elegant, exceedingly high-priced 1st class restaurants to dining in a bohemian more down to earth restaurant, to flat rate all-you-can-eat buffets, New York will definitely satisfy your desire for fine cuisine.

New York Cafe Diner

Staying safe whilst travelling around the City.
Even though New York is "safe" and the crime rate is falling dramatically in the City, travellers are well advised to take precautions as you would in any City around the world. For instance, do not attract pickpockets that may be on the prowl for tourists by leaving a bag or purse open. When using an ATM, stay aware of your surroundings, don't linger, and always travel in groups. These are common sense precautions that you would be advised to adopt in any part of the world, but can sometimes be forgotten when caught up in the "holiday atmosphere".

New York is a Big City, so Don't Get Lost!
New York is a very active and busy city, and for a first-time visitor, it can be overwhelming. It is best to carry a map of the City and a cell phone with you at all times. If you are uncertain of where you are going, splurge a few Dollars on a taxi ride instead of taking the subway, plus you get the added bonus that you'll get there faster and safer.

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Places within New York City to visit while on Holiday in the US

New York City boasts a long list of wonderful places to see. Remember Central Park from the animated movie Madagascar? The cartoon is nothing compared to the real thing, with its incredible 800 acres of parkland. Your trip to New York will not be complete until you visit Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and see the lifelike sculptures of famous celebrities, movie stars, and other historical figures. Do not miss out on the Empire State Building, at one time the tallest building in the world. In addition, there's the Statue of Liberty, America's symbol proudly greeting all visitors to New York, and the famous Christmas tree that can be found in the heart of Rockefeller Center if you visit during the christmas holiday season.

Finally and most important of all, enjoy your visit to New York it can be the experience of a lifetime!

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