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New York is the largest city in North America, situated on the North Eastern seaboard of the vast nation. It is the fifth largest city on the planet and arguably the most iconic, with images of the New York skyline exported around the globe by the American media. It has undergone a drastic change in the last twenty years, partly thanks to the famous reforms of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The city has transformed itself from a place beset by violent crime and with large swathes of "no-go" areas to once again represent the iconic position of the "Big Apple". In a post 9/11 world it is impossible to describe New York without reference to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centres in September 2001, although shaken the city’s population gained worldwide respect for the defiant manner in which they dealt with the aftermath of such a harrowing event.

The New York Metropolitan Area spans parts of three states; lower New York, northern New Jersey, and south-western Connecticut. The city of New York is made up of five boroughs; Manhattan, the famous island between the Hudson and East Rivers, with many diverse and unique neighbourhoods. Brooklyn, the most populous borough, at one point a separate city. Located south and east of Manhattan across the East River. Known for artists, music venues, beaches, and Coney Island. Queens, located to the east of Manhattan, across the East River, and north, east, and south of Brooklyn. Queens is the home of the city's two international airports, the New York Mets professional baseball team, the United States Open Tennis Centre and the country's second largest Chinatown. The Bronx, located north of Manhattan Island, the Bronx is home to the Bronx Zoo and the New York Yankees professional baseball team. Staten Island, a large island in New York harbour, south of Manhattan and just across the narrow Kill Van Kull from New Jersey. Unlike the rest of New York City, Staten Island has a suburban character.

New York City

New York sights Chinatown,Central Park & Empire State Building

The variety of experience in Manhattan alone is barely possible to explain. The majority of tourists stay in this area due to its compact nature and the ease of travel on the extensive subway system, easily traversed via the metrocard system. Highlights for any trip to New York include a tour of the entirely man-made Central Park; the breathtaking sight of the city at night from the Empire State Tower, still the ninth tallest building in the world seventy-seven years after its construction.

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Further delights include a walk through the Italian sector of the city, Chinatown and the sight of the world-famous Times Square. There are numerous hotels throughout the city, although they can vary wildly according to the area in which they are situated.

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