USS Intrepid Museum of Sea, Air and Space Craft

Visit the USS Growler Submarine and Intrepid Naval Ship Museum

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is located on Pier 86, W46th Street. Although it started out as one of the most highly-successful Ships in the history of the U.S. Navy, the USS Intrepid has been transformed today into a truly distinctive museum and a landmark. First used in World War II, the ship worked for NASA as a vessel used to recover various items that landed from space to sea. Afterwards, the ship saw more action in the Vietnam War. Also open to public viewing at the Intrepid Museum is the USS Growler submarine, a diesel submarine that carried and fired live nuclear warheads.

US Navy Battleship

USS Intrepid Museum displays many WW2 Aircraft Bombers

Saved from demolition in 1974, the USS Intrepid ship today displays an amazing collection of aircraft ranging from World War II bombers to an A-12 Blackbird. Other notable exhibits include flight simulators that visitors can try out and the Museum's rock climbing wall a fun way to test your strength, climbing skills and endurance.

Information regarding visiting the Intrepid USS vessel Museum can be found at :

Contact the Intrepid Sea,Air & Space Museum by calling them on numbers :
877-957-SHIP (877-957-7447) or 212-245-0072

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