Travel Information for Florida & Orlando

The fun never ends in Florida

Flamingos,Oranges and Beware of Alligator Sign

An incredible mix of great locations is what you get when you head to Florida for your vacations. Whether it is a family vacation or a golfing vacation or beach vacation, Florida has literally everything that you might require for the ultimate vacation experience. The entire area is known for its scenic splendor and its fun filled vacations. The very name Florida evokes images of entertainment parks. Although there are numerous entertainment parks here, there is much more to Florida than just Disney World or Busch Gardens. Florida’s natural attractions such as the Gulf Islands, Florida Keys and Everglades are perennial favorites with visitors to this part of the world.

North Florida Beaches and Miami South Beach

Marina in North Florida

Attractions such as watersports and many theme parks

The sunny climate with plenty of sun, surf and sand beckons tourists with its innumerable attractions. You can also find a culture that is rich and unique in its own way waiting to be explored in Florida. The entire state can be broadly classified into Northern Florida, Central Florida and Southern Florida. If you are someone who is looking for a memorable beach vacation then Northern Florida is the place to head for. You can find beautiful cities with miles and miles of beaches here. For those looking for some adventure water sports options are available in plenty in this region. From jet skiing to fishing you can have a whale of a time exploring the region’s water ways.

A wonderful mix of colorful nightlife and beautiful cities awaits visitors in Southern Florida. The major cities here include Key Largo, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami and St.Petersburg, each offering plenty of must visit attractions. Miami is home to the world famous Black Beach, the number one beach in the world. This apart you can find several centers for entertainment and arts spread around entire Southern Florida. Florida is also home to some of the best golf courses that you can find in the world. You can now tee off in style at the state’s numerous golf courses.

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Central Florida is home to Orlando and Tampa bay. Busch Gardens is perhaps the most famous attraction in Tampa bay area. Orlando is famous for the Disney World. This apart you can find world famous attractions such as the Sea World and the NASA Kennedy Space Center here. You can also head to the Daytona Beach located on the eastern side of Orlando. All these attractions make Orlando the ‘playground of America’, in every sense.

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